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Helping Charities and Not for Profits Make that Positive Connection

For more than 30 years, I’ve helped raise thousands of pounds in funding, made organisations compliant and efficient, and helped charities plan for the future.

You can contact me on

0114 350 3354

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  • How much could you apply for?

  • How quickly could you get funding?

  • Are you eligible for other funds?

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  • Be the first to know about new funding programmes

  • Identify other sources of funding you may be eligible for

  • Manage application deadlines with my help

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  • We gather together all relevant statistics and supporting documentation for your funding applications

  • We ensure all questions are answered, appropriate to their weighting

  • We give you the best possible chance that your funding application will be granted

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  • Understanding the key ingredients for success

  • Identifying opportunities for growth

  • Creating new funding strategies

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  • Opening your organisation up to more funding opportunities

  • Making sure you’re legal and protected

  • Making training easier through documenting procedures

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  • Identifying new revenue streams

  • Developing new revenue streams

  • Creating a timeline to meet your funding strategy

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Knowing is one thing, we also help you act.

  • Online training

  • In-person workshops 

  • Covers a wide range of vital subjects

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