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Bid Writing

When writing a bid, there’s so much more involved than simply answering a question in a box. It’s all about maximising the word count and making sure you answer all of the questions in the correct way. Not all questions have the same weighting; we need to ensure that you provide sufficient evidence of need, that you make clear the impact you would have, and the outcomes you would achieve with that funding.

Not only do I work with you on the creation of the actual content for the funding bid, I also work with you to ensure that all necessary supporting documentation, procedures and copies of policies are correct and what the funder requires. These funders receive thousands of applications for every opportunity, so we need to answer their questions as well as we possibly can.

My success rate currently is 1 in every 3 bids. The reason why this is so high in the industry is down to the time I spend with my clients, understanding who they are, what they do and, most importantly, the impact they would have if their application was successful.

You only have one shot at making a good first impression, and this is true with funding bids. Receiving money from grant-making bodies is the difference between surviving and thriving for many organisations. My job is to make sure you have the best possible chance of winning that bid.

Researching your facts and figures for Bid Writing
  • Once I have all of the information relevant to the bid, I create a framework around the content needed

  • I help develop the associated documentation and processes needed to ensure your organisation is eligible for the opportunity

  • I then work with you to develop the content, ensuring that all the points in the funding bid are effectively answered and addressed

Wendy Ward from Let's Save concentrating on Bid Writing

The process:

‘How to answer the actual question, not the question you want to answer’

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