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Business Planning

It’s the same with your business planning. We need to create a vision that the whole organisation can work to, so that everyone knows what to do and when.


From governance to budgeting, marketing to HR, we work through every aspect of your organisation and help shape it to how it needs to be. No organisation can succeed without one thing: money. By creating a business plan, we identify the areas of weakness and strengths within your organisation, as well as alternative areas for funding.

By conducting a SWOT analysis, we can understand the strengths you have as an organisation and the opportunities available to you. It’s all about leveraging your assets. Also, by identifying your weaknesses and threats, we can put a plan in place to either reduce these or eliminate them altogether.  


What’s the best thing about achieving your vision? You can then have another one!

If you don’t know where you want to go, how do you know which direction you need to take? You don’t ever set off in the car without an end destination in mind - how would the sat-nav know where to take you? 

Collegues coming together to form a Business Plan
  • I understand where you are now and compared this to where you want to be, then work backwards to achieve this

  • We develop a roadmap to help you achieve your vision, mission, aims and objectives

  • We work through your marketing, HR, and any other general business planning, to ensure you have the right processes and resources needed to ensure success

  • We then ensure that any due diligence is complete, so that when you receive funding, the funder won’t ask for it back

Let's Save creating a draft of a Business Plan on a white board

The process:

‘What makes a good business plan?’

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