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Funding Research

Every day, organisations just like yours are missing out on huge pots of funding, simply because they don’t know about them. I receive daily alerts from a large variety of different portals and databases, which inform me of new and existing funding opportunities for my clients.


Following our initial fact-finding session, I will be able to undertake this research on your behalf, and present you with a selection of different funding pots from various sources that you are eligible for, based on the information you’ve given me.

Sometimes, when doing this kind of research, there’s a chance we will find different funding pots that have similar criteria; this means we could tweak the same funding bid for submission to various opportunities, increasing your chances of success. 


By the end of the process, you should receive a selection of funding opportunities that we’ve identified that match your criteria and eligibility.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the funding you could apply for could be found in one place? Unfortunately, it can’t, and as an organisation, unless you pay to be part of various funder databases and platforms like I do, you will spend days researching different funding pots and still miss ones you’d be eligible for.

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  • Through our fact-finding session, we identify who you are, what you need, and the impact you’re trying to make

  • We use this information to shortlist potential funders from a wide variety of different funding sources 

  • Working together, we narrow this list down to a selection of specific funding opportunities that you're eligible for and which will benefit your organisation

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The process of Funding Research: 

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