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Funding strategy / Diversification

With the development of technology and the changes in consumer behaviour, it’s vital that we regularly check the funding opportunities available to you. For some organisations, this could mean moving from government contracts to bringing in more corporate sponsorship.

We work with you to create a plan concerning how each project will be financially supported and by whom. We then create a timeline on what we need to do, accounting for the time it takes to submit an application and the time it takes for a funder to make their decision - this can take them up to six months. It’s therefore imperative that your organisation has different revenue streams, just in case one disappears.

The only thing that’s constant is change. This has never been more true than in a charitable organisation. By brainstorming and looking at your organisational aims and objectives, we can begin to highlight key areas of growth. We can also identify key areas of decline, too; with this knowledge, we can determine how much funding we need to make in one area to replace the reduction in another.

Creating a funding Strategy using Coins
  • Through brainstorming and looking at your aims and objectives, we can identify key opportunities for growth in different areas of your organisation

  • We write a plan around the developing of these ideas 

  • We look at different funding sources that will help you implement them

  • We will develop a funding calendar that highlights key funding dates over a period of time, and what we need to do to ensure your eligibility

  • We then reflect on whether these ideas have worked and what we can take forward for future growth and funding strategies

Wendy Ward from Let's Save checking your Funding Strategy

The process:

‘It’s me or the dog! How to make sure you don’t have to choose.’

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