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Ingenious Fundraising: How a Local Student Pub Balances Discounts and Charity

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In the world of pubs, it's common to find efforts to raise money for charitable causes. Typically, you'll come across a modest collection tin placed near the front of the bar, welcoming patrons to contribute their loose change. Some pubs take it a step further by offering bags or pots of sweets, with a portion of the proceeds designated for various charitable initiatives. However, one local student pub in Newcastle has ingeniously reimagined this tradition of charity fundraising to cater to the unique financial needs of students.

For students, financial constraints are a daily reality. Many find themselves handling a substantial sum of money in their bank accounts for the first time, often with minimal experience in managing it prudently. The delicate balance between allocating funds for essential needs like food and study supplies while still reserving a portion for leisure and social activities is a challenge that many students grapple with.

In recognition of this financial tightrope act that students perform, the local pub situated in the heart of Newcastle's student suburbs has crafted a brilliantly innovative solution to raise additional funds for charitable causes. They’ve taken students’ desire for discounts and found a way to raise money for charity with this desire.

To acquire a coveted student discount card, a valuable resource for stretching a student loan as far as possible, students are required to make a nominal £1 donation to a charity of their choice. This exceptional approach combines the quest for discounts with the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause, creating a symbiotic relationship between personal financial gain and collective charitable giving.

The result? A win-win scenario. Students eagerly seek these discount cards due to their immense popularity, and with the substantial number of students visiting the pub every week, the money raised for charity will end up being a significant amount. Even more intriguing, the discount cards are fashioned from cardboard, and they're easily misplaced or forgotten at home. The nominal £1 donation to reacquire the card presents minimal inconvenience to students, making the process of purchasing the card again an acceptable and even encouraged practice.

Moreover, this ingenious initiative addresses the issue of students potentially leaving their discount cards behind. The low financial barrier of a £1 donation incentivizes students to repeatedly purchase the card, especially when it's for such a noble cause. The chosen charity, currently a teenage cancer charity, strikes a chord with the hearts of many students, spurring them to contribute more than the required pound whenever they can.

In the innovative approach adopted by this student pub, the financial challenges of students are met with a creative solution that not only provides coveted discounts but also cultivates a culture of giving and social responsibility. It's a shining example of how businesses, even in unconventional settings, can positively impact their communities by bridging the gap between personal interests and philanthropy, demonstrating the tremendous power of collective goodwill.

Most students want to donate money to charity. They’re at an age where morals start to become very important. For some, however, they won’t go through this learning period where they start to become more aware of their moral conscience. Many just want to drink and socialise. That’s why it’s such a brilliant idea. You’re not just donating because it’s the right thing to do, there’s a benefit other than personal gratitude.

Traditional fundraising efforts are still amazing. There’s still the collection pot at the bar for those who aren’t students. Around the campus, there are still people every day with collection buckets for different causes. More pubs, bars and clubs should follow in the footsteps of the local pub. A pound really isn’t much, especially in the current financial climate we find ourselves in. That being said when every student who wants a discount is donating a pound that will soon rack up. It’s the perfect relationship where not only is the student getting a much-needed discount, but charities are also getting much-needed funds.


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